The secret for great sex

The secret for Great Sex is not what you think it is and certainly not what you want to hear.

I texted my partner for a booty call as I was horny. We planned to see each other at 8 pm after my pilates class. Things you need to know about me: I am not an evening person, I am a morning person, a daytime person in general. So planning sex at 8 pm isn’t necessarily a really good choice but I have been horny all day at work and I want the D.

So as expected once 8 pm arrives, I am feeling a bit tired, I just ate food, my belly is full. The conditions are not ideal. 

My partner is here, we are nesting in my bed after sharing a sweet shower. We are enjoying our naked bodies. I am focusing on being present to whatever arises. I do not feel as horny as in the afternoon. My partner does not put any pressure on me. We are catching up on our week and day. We are both naked and caressing each other in a tender and loving way. I feel safe and loved. Having my partner naked between my naked legs, chatting about his day makes me feel very connected to him. I realize that being comfortable naked in front of each other with lights on isn’t easy for everyone and I feel so grateful for this moment.

Eventually, after we’re done catching up, my partner starts kissing and sucking on my nipples – he knows my weak points- and the desire arises. I feel his cock getting bigger between my legs. We have a very loving and sweet sexual experience with intense orgasms. I am pretty sure that the intensity of the orgasms is due to the time we put for connection. 

I can not imagine how sex would have been if he would have come to my place and try to fuck me right away. Or yes maybe I can imagine because those are the experiences I had before with other partners. 

I was feeling horny all day. It doesn’t mean I will feel horny and be hot, wet, and ready for him as soon as he comes home. I listen to my body and so does he. We go with our flow. 

Sweet love making comes with vulnerability and intimacy. 

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