My Story (How Did I End Up Studying Sexology?)

I grew up in France and spent most of my life there. I got married to my highschool sweetheart who was my first boyfriend. We divorced after 12 years together. I decided to explore my sex life. By increasing the number of my sexual partners I learned so much about myself and men.

At 34years old, I took a break from dating and dove into a yoga teacher training  and meditation to bring mindfulness to my life. 

The training brought me a lot of body awareness. I was in tune with my body to a whole new level. On the side I was reading a lot of books on female pleasure and anatomy. I finally understood what was happening in my body. I was able to voice out what I like, speak up and ask for what I want. So not only I could say “Hey this is what works for me, try this instead" but I was getting it! 

And then I realized that speaking up and knowing your body is all you really need to experience something beautiful. 

It was not until 2020 that I discovered a totally new orgasmic experience. The one where I completely let go. And when I say let go I mean, relaxing all the muscles in your body especially the ones you have the tendency to flex and contract when you’re about to orgasm. Instead, I focused on breathing and surfed the waves of pleasure. I let the orgasm come when the orgasm was ready. I ended up leaving my body, I saw myself from above. I went to the galaxy and the stars and I had that out of body experience. When the orgasm finally arrived, I was brought back to my body right away and felt an amazing healing sensation with tears rolling down my cheeks. I really do believe that sexual pleasure can heal people.

I decided to go back to school and learn about sexology.

I am here for you to guide you through all the steps that I took to arrive where I am right now.

My hobbies: My physical practices on hold due to Covid are: Burlesque dancing, aerial silk. 

I love reading and listening to books. I love dancing, writing, singing. I work out to keep my body in shape for when I will be able to go back on my silk safely.

I knit a lot, And off course I love sex!